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Welcome to the Continuing Education for Funeral Professionals website and thank you for choosing this unique approach in fulfilling your continuing education requirements. The funeral profession is constantly changing and every service is unique. In order to respond to such diversity effectively, it’s important that Funeral Directors maintain their expertise, decorum and an astute understanding of families’ needs. We believe this unique program will help Licensed Funeral Directors develop these skills, thus allowing them to further their careers and continue to support their communities. – Sincerely, Geoff Carnell

Program Features

  • Self-Paced Learning

    Learn at your own pace, and work through one topic at a time at a speed that suits you. Your course progress will be saved for when you return, thus accommodating your pace and schedule.

  • Online Convenience

    We offer a fully online experience, including a resource library, so you may complete this course no matter where you’re located.

  • Professional Development

    Supplement your career with continual learning in a professional development curriculum , whether you're new to the funeral profession or a seasoned Funeral Director.

After the sudden death of his father in 1987, Geoff Carnell assumed ownership of Carnell’s Funeral Home. A Licensed Funeral Director and graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1977 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Geoff used his engineering skills to enhance and expand the funeral home. This included the addition of a crematorium, which had significant impact on the services provided by the funeral home and, in turn, its business model.

When asked to contribute an article in a monthly seniors’ newspaper, 50+, The New Age Senior, Geoff discovered a way to learn more about his new profession while educating and providing advice to the public. What started off as a simple article in the paper’s inaugural edition continued with an article every month for 14 years.

Geoff’s column was very well received and covered topics on all facets of the grief and bereavement profession. The column eventually led to the publication of two books: When the Sun Sets: A Guide to Funeral Planning for a Canadian audience and The Complete Guide to Funeral Planning: How to Arrange the Appropriate Service for American counterparts.

With an increase in cremation and decrease in the types of funeral services traditionally provided, the funeral profession is undergoing a paradigm shift from the sale of products to the provision of what Geoff refers to as “knowledge-based services.”

The standard template of the traditional funeral is changing. Therefore, the advice and guidance of today’s Funeral Directors has never been more important to guiding families through the numerous service and memorialization options currently available. The information contained in Carnell’s Continuing Education Program will benefit today’s Funeral Professionals and help them navigate this paradigm shift.

As noted, the primary challenge for today’s Funeral Professional has shifted from the sale of our main product — the casket — to educating the public about the numerous service options now available when cremation is being considered.

The Continuing Education for Funeral Professionals Program is designed to enhance and upgrade the knowledge and skills that funeral professionals have (and require) to better serve the needs of their communities, and the clients and families who live there. 

Question & Answers

  • How many courses do you offer? How many credits will I get per course?

    We currently offer a series of sixteen courses. Each course is worth 3 or 6 credit hours, and participants will receive a certificate of completion after every course. Participants are not required to complete all sixteen courses.

  • What counts as a passing grade? How many tries do I have to achieve a passing grade?

    75% is the passing grade for all courses.

  • Is there a specific order in which to take these courses?

    No, you can take them in any order. You can also register for as many or as few courses at a time as you would like. You do not need to complete all sixteen.

  • How are the quizzes corrected?

    The quizzes for each course are automatically corrected upon completion. You will receive your grade as soon as you complete the quiz.

  • What provinces are these courses approved in?

    Newfoundland and Labrador Saskatchewan Manitoba Alberta British Columbia Nova Scotia (select courses). We are currently seeking approval in other Canadian provinces as well.

  • What are the prerequisites for the courses?

    There are no specific program prerequisites to complete any of the courses. However, course registrees must currently be licensed Funeral Directors or Embalmers in order to receive the continuing education credit hours.

  • How long does completion of the Continuing Education Program for Funeral Professionals take?

    The Continuing Education Program for Funeral Professionals is designed to let registrees finish courses at their own pace. Each course takes roughly three hours to complete.

  • Can you partially complete a course and return to it at a later date without having to start again from the beginning?

    Yes, you can partially complete a course and return to it at a later date within 4 weeks of commencing the course.

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