About Options and Challenges in Cremation

As we are amply aware, the practice of cremation has become one of the most prevalent practices within the funeral profession — its popularity continues to grow exponentially worldwide, particularly in Canada.

With the popularity of this trend-turned-norm, funeral professionals must be knowledgeable of the practical operational scenarios and — unfortunately — challenging situations that arise post-cremation. For example: How does one properly and respectfully transport and disperse cremated remains? How does one address the growing issue of unclaimed cremated remains? How does one help families grieve the loss of a loved one through the cremation process?

This course will provide a succinct overview of these topics and more, as the licensee builds a balanced understanding of the advantages — and pitfalls — related to a practice that is shaping the future of our profession.

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  • Geoff Carnell

    Instructor & Founder

    Geoff Carnell

    Geoff Carnell entered the funeral profession quite suddenly. After his father died unexpectedly in 1987, Geoff went to their family-owned funeral home to plan his father’s funeral as the new owner. He was 34 and the 6th generation in the family business. As a Professional Engineer, he was able to bring a different perspective to the funeral home profession. Since becoming the full-time president of Carnell’s Funeral Home Ltd. in 1988, he has installed a crematorium, created showrooms for caskets and cremation options, reconfigured and enlarged the on-site chapel, developed a passion for writing about the profession, and published two books: “When the Sun Sets, A guide to Funeral Planning” for a Canadian audience and “The Complete Guide to Funeral Planning, How to Arrange the Appropriate Funeral,” for the American public.

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