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In North America, there is a great denial of our own mortality. Considering how many of us try to live our lives focusing more on doing things that are healthy and living life to the fullest, it is natural for us not to want to think about death. However, it is a subject none of us can avoid. Whether it is the death of a spouse, grandparent, another family member, relative, or close friend, the final separation from a loved one is something we must all face eventually.

As a result of our reluctance to think about, much less talk about death, many of us will be ill-prepared when the inevitable occurs. The best way to help alleviate the stress and anxiety brought on by the death of a loved one is to preplan. Though more and more people are choosing to preplan their funeral or those of other family members who may be terminally ill or incapacitated, many more are not. 

What goes into preplanning, and why do people choose to do it? What is prefunding, and is it necessary?  

This course will examine the concept of preplanning and prefunding funerals, a growing trend across North America.

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