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Cremation is becoming the most prominent choice for end of life disposition at a rapid rate. Indeed, the cremation rate in North America is increasing annually. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) projected the Canadian cremation rate would reach over 65 per cent by 2010, and if current rate increases continue, a rate of 57 per cent will be reached by 2025. 

Why are more and more people choosing cremation? What information does the public know about cremation, and what information must they know before making decisions on final disposition? Who has the power to authorize cremation? What can go wrong during the process? How does cremation impact the grieving process or long-term memorialization? 

This course will examine these questions, and more, in order to paint a complete yet nuanced picture of cremation in 2018. The course curriculum will investigate the reasons people choose cremation, the necessary processes and procedures of cremation, and cremation as it relates to safety, funeralization, and memorialization. 

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